T.Y. McGill Jr.

Creating lasting impact through empowerment, motivation & mentorship

Who is T.Y. McGill Jr?

T.Y. McGill Jr. is a proud husband and father from Jesup, Georgia, where he competed as a three sport athlete at Wayne County High School.

T.Y. McGill Jr. went on to play football for North Carolina State University, and graduated with a degree in Program Management. Since then, he has been a prominent NFL Journeyman, bringing his grit and passion to every team. Now, T.Y. looks to the future, and hopes to empower the next generation.

Legacy & upbringing

Personal background & growing up in Jesup, Georgia

Giving Back Without Expectations -
The Legacy Of T.Y. McGill ​

T.Y. McGill Jr.'s father instilled in him the importance of giving back without expecting anything in return. This value greatly impacted T.Y. and has been a driving force in his life. Inspired by his father's selflessness, T.Y. started a foundation to help young people in need. Growing up in a rural area near the Florida Georgia Line, T.Y. experienced firsthand the lack of resources available to his community. He is passionate about providing opportunities for others to succeed and make a positive impact, just like his father did for him.

Create Opportunities For A Brighter Future In Southeast Georgia​

Jesup, Georgia may be small, but its lack of resources has left its children without access to essential facilities. There are no city gyms available for them to use, leaving them with no safe place to build their strength and stay active. The absence of after-school programs has also limited their opportunities to explore new interests and hobbies. Unfortunately, without these resources, many local children end up on the streets, unaware of the opportunities they could have had.

executive team

Meet the Team Behind T.Y. McGill Jr. Foundation

Warren Barreiro -
Chief Financial Officer

Meet Warren Barreiro, a third-year law student at Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX, on the rise in sports law. His passion lies in representing both professional and collegiate athletes, fueled by his role as Chief Financial Officer of the T.Y. McGill Jr. Foundation.

David Runnels II -
Secretary of the Board

Meet David Runnels II, a J.D. candidate at esteemed St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, TX. He boasts a dual Bachelor's Degree in Archaeology and History from Southern Adventist University and brings his impressive academic background to the Board of Directors as Executive Secretary.

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